How to Solve Captcha

Once you have to solve a captcha, don't worry just follow the steps below.

  • Go to the create listing page on vinted.

  • Create a simple draft listing - No image needed, just only add a basic title and description. (just like in the video above)

  • Save the draft

  • Modify the draft again (Go to you profile and click edit on the newly created draft)

  • Make a minor modifcation

  • Save the draft

The CAPTCHA should now show and you can solve it.

After solving the CAPTCHA return to the tab with the bot and continue.

IMPORTANT: After solving a captcha you need to make sure you are not relisting a lot of items at once. To be safe follow the steps below:

  • Restart the relisting process (To be safe you should wait a few minutes after solving a captcha before you continue running the bot again)

  • Relist less than 50 items per session

  • Put a long delay in between your reposts

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