Recommended Usage Guide

You need to use more features other than refresh, depop has reduced the effectiveness of this and it is not guaranteed to push up your items. Please use a combination of features

  • Refresh your listings during peak times (evenings and weekends)

  • Relist and delete items that haven’t sold in some time

  • Edit your listings to take advantage of sales promos

  • Send an offer to people who have liked your item via messaging or using the send offer to likers feature

  • Send reviews/feedback to past buyers to encourage them to buy more

  • Message likers of your products

  • Follow reviewers/buyers of similar shops as yours

    • Unfollow users when you hit the limit

Now, let’s go over the depop algorithm a bit:

How depop search works

In order to increase sales it is important that you use our tool properly and actively.

When a user searches for an item to buy on depop items can be sorted by:

  • Recency

  • Popularity

  • Relevance

If you want to rank you have to consider all of these aspects in how you use the bot. We will now explain what each means and how our features can help:

Tips to rank for Recency

The more “recent” your listing is to depop, the higher the chances of ranking at the top. Your post is more recent when it has been edited/refreshed/bump OR completely relisted (with the old post deleted). Our TIP to rank for this when using our tool is to:

  • Use refresh items feature – at least once per day with the bot (‘Refresh Items’ button when on your profile page)

  • Use relist Items feature – relist items that haven’t sold and have a low amount of likes at least once a week with the grow bot (‘Relist Items’ button when on your profile page)

  • List new items! – listing new items frequently is a good signal to the depop algorithm that your account is active!

  • Stay active on depop – make sure you open the depop app at least once a day (even if you are not getting sales!)

We find that relisting items is quite effective when it comes to moving a post to the top of search.

Tips to rank for Popularity

To rank here the depop algorithm takes into account, how interested people seem to be in your listing.

So you want to ideally increase the number of likes, clicks and comments you have on a listing.

  • Use Follow users feature – ideally follow users on similar accounts, specifically buyers (You can go to another person’s profile and click the follow buyers/reviewers button)

  • Like other users items – you can use our bot to like items on the search page by going to the search page and searching for something. You can also go to another users profile and like their items.

  • Have eye catching images – ideally you want your images to stand out in a sea of no custom backgrounds or likely white only backgrounds. Even adding a logo or a light filter to your images can help. You can use several apps to edit your photos (photoroom, removebg etc).

Tips to rank for Relevance

To rank here the depop algorithm takes into account, how relevant your listing is to the search term. We’ll be adding more features to help you rank here but here’s what to do:

  • Do not use irrelevant tags/keywords in your description – this will work against you and down rank your item.

  • Make use of all the item specifics (colour, style) you have: You are more likely to make sales if your listing contains the key information that a buyer may filter for such as colour.

  • Use objective words in the first line of your description – it should sound the same way a person searching for an item would sound. If you are selling a striped polo shirt then make SURE “striped polo shirt” is the first thing in the description not “cute striped shirt”, AVOID subjective terms about your item in the first few words of your description. In our example it is up to the buyer to decide what is/isn’t “cute”.

Extra Tips

  • Message people who have shown an interest in your shop with offers. Like people who have liked your item or people who have bought from you previously. It is important to avoid messaging people that have not shown any interest.

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