How to Stay Safe


Depop is against spam, you do not need to be using a bot to spam, it is much easier to unknowingly spam with a bot if you do not take that into account.

Fortunately, we have a lot of features and advice to keep you from spamming.

How we keep you safe from spamming:

  • Automatic Random delay – Our app will always have a random delay between each action. You can even customize this (see next bullet point)

  • Custom Task speed – We allow you to set custom delays between each action. You can turn this on in the settings by clicking ‘Task Speed’

    • Turn on Human mode: human mode has longer delays between every action and the app will take a break every 21 items for a custom time you can specify.

    • Set a custom task speed with at least 2 seconds difference between the max and the min delay.

    • DO NOT set a min custom task speed too low like 0 seconds.

  • Custom Refresh behaviour – You can customize what happens during refresh. Access this by going into the settings page and clicking ‘Refresh Behaviour’

    • Varied refresh schedule: continuous/auto-refresh will refresh at a random interval instead of a pre-defined one.

    • Refresh downtime: continuous/auto-refresh will take a random long break period after it has completely refreshed your shop a certain number of times. You can customize this. We really recommend that you turn this on

  • Message blacklist – We have a message blacklist where you can add in the username of users that you do not want to message. You can find this in the settings page under ‘Message’.

  • Action Modes – We have regular mode and u.i mode.

  • Skip people messaged before – We have a switch that will skip users that have EVER been messaged before regardless of the message. Turn this on in the settings page under ‘Message’.

  • Automatic Double Message spam protection – Our app will automatically skip users that have been messaged with any message in the past 48 hours as well as skip people that have been messaged with the same message you are sending.

How you can keep yourself safe:

The easiest way to spam and come off as a bot is to make too many consistent actions. We recommend setting limits for how often you use any feature.

Be mindful of how many actions you make per day.

Recommended daily limits: Refresh at most 1-10 times (depending on your listing count, more listings = refresh less often). Message at most 10-50 users. Follow/Unfollow at most 1000 users.)

  • Keep your usage as natural as possible. Generally it is a good idea to understand that our bot is meant to act as if you had a slightly faster human carrying out tasks. Avoid leaving tasks running overnight. The less precise/consistent your usage of the bot is, the better.

  • Consider the amount of items you have when choosing a delay or refresh interval. If you have 1000 items, it’s unlikely you are able to refresh by yourself 20 times a day, set your delays/downtime to be close to what you can feasibly do yourself as a human.

  • Avoid opening many tabs to carry out different tasks. Do not run the bot simultaneously in different tabs on the same account.

  • Do not message people who have not shown any interest in your shop by either liking your item, buying from you previously or following you. IDEALLY Limit your messaging to past buyers and likers of your own items.

  • Take short breaks if you get errors containing the numbers 429/502/500/503. Any of these errors indicate that depop servers are overworked. This is not caused specifically by you, but it is a good idea to take a break for an hour or so if/when you encounter an error like this.

NOTE: Due to the 3rd party nature of our tool, As the rules may change at any point, we do not make claims on the completeness of the information but we try to update our recommendations.

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