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Welcome to the user guide. We have written this as a comprehensive guide about how each feature works and best practices. This is a recommended reading for all our users!

To start using the grow chrome extension for depop. Install the extension here:

If you sell on other marketplaces be sure to checkout our vinted and poshmark bot.

If you have general questions about payments, etc. please refer to the F.A.Q page, click here.

Getting Started


To start using the chrome extension, all you need to do is go to your profile page on the depop website.

The bot displays different features depending on which page of the website you are on:

  1. Your Profile Page

  2. Another users Profile Page

  3. The Search Page

  4. A Product Page.

So if you cannot find a feature that we have listed on our website, it is likely that you just have to visit another page on the depop website.

Have a look at the the other sections of the guide below:

pageFeatures/UsagepageRecommended Usage GuidepageHow to Stay SafepageDebug Issues

NOTICE: Depop is a trademark of Depop Ltd. Any product by SellerAider is not endorsed by, certified, or affiliated with Depop.

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